Fresh Start

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“. . . [O]ne of the most unique, brilliant, and compelling thriller novels that I have ever had the pleasure of reading! . . . Five stars.”

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“A superb critique of the banking investment mentality. . . . Shaiken’s most impressive achievement in Fresh Start is to allow all the financial and courtroom wheeling and dealing to seem complicated and convincing, and yet always have it make sense..”

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“Shaiken’s intricately engrossing debut installment in his legal thriller series, featuring the endearing bankruptcy lawyer Josephina Jillian Jones offers a clever, compelling plot coupled with financial intrigue. . . . skillfully captures the rhythms of the busy life of Kansas City while making legal and financial minutiae comprehensible. This is a rousing outing from a talented author.”

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“[A]n intellectual work of genre fiction that skillfully blends the legal, mystery, thriller, and drama aspects together to form a deep and layered novel that is also smoothly penned and enjoyable to dive into. . . with Shaiken’s keen eye for detail leaving no stone unturned and no question unanswered.”

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“[A]n original suspense novel that brings readers up close and personal with bankruptcy law and the world of high-stakes real estate development.”

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“. . . The constantly shifting perspectives between the main characters keep you on your toes and ensure you get every aspect of the story from all the different points of view. . . [T]he line between right and wrong is sometimes blurry, where the good guys might be the bad guys and vice versa – very much like real life, where perception plays a big role. A very enjoyable thriller.”

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“A gripping and thought-provoking bankruptcy legal mystery, well-crafted and well-written.”

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“Highly recommended for those who like a more psychologically involved read with a tantalising vibe of who is the real criminal. So, motivation is an interesting underlying motif and there is even a left field Spockian reference. This is no dry bankruptcy story but a delightfully enchanting five-star rated read.”

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“. . . tightly written, tautly paced, and absolutely absorbing. . . . [A]n exciting, entertaining novel. . .”

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“[A]nyone who enjoys a suspenseful legal mystery will love this one. I could hardly put the book down. It was full of intrigue.”

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From Amazon:

“Thrilling twists and turns where the reader will feel like they actually know these people in a world that is not always right-or-wrong...or fair.”

“The characters and plot are so realistic, it's a challenge to remember this is a work of fiction.”

“Fresh Start is a legal thriller unlike any I've read before, providing the reader with not just a front row seat, but a fly on the wall view into all aspects of a large corporate bankruptcy case with international intrigue.”

“. . .the research is meticulous, the scenes are vivid, and the character development rivals Leonard and McMurtry. Anyone who is interested in banking, law, real estate development, or just great fiction should read it.”