Automatic Stay

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“Author Mark Shaiken delivers a character-driven battle between history and finance in Automatic Stay, the second installment of his 3J Mystery series. . . . the writing is strong, with a whip-smart narrative voice, splashes of humor and lightness, as well as the flexibility to be dark, descriptive, and visceral . . . . Overall, this stylish and cutting-edge mystery blurs genre lines and patiently unfurls its gripping plot, establishing this series as a stand-out in the genre.”

“Shaiken delivers an adrenaline-fueled legal drama brimming with meticulous detail. He skillfully balances legal particularities and heart-thumping action with affecting discussions about friendship, relationships, integrity, revenge, redemption, and finding oneself. The realistically rendered, relatable cast is authentic and full of intrigue. . . .”

“When it's good, there is no more riveting fiction genre than a legal thriller, and Shaiken's Automatic Stay is among the best you will read. . . . Shaiken has a knack for creating strong characters and situations that resonate with tension as he crafts excellent set-ups and payoffs. . . . Automatic Stay is coaxed along by Shaiken's considerable skills as a brisk, methodical author who knows his subject inside out. . . . A legal thriller with a cutting-edge Automatic Stay proves a superb sequel to Fresh Start and is an unreservedly recommended five-star read!”

“‘Automatic Stay’ . . . ping-pongs from beguiling to riveting very quickly. . . [A] solid and intricately plotted tale that reflects the rich jazz music culture of Kansas City. 3J is a strong female lead and her professional confidence is perceptible throughout the tale. . . . Shaiken adeptly blends legal details such as creditors, default payments, lawyers, clients, legal dilemmas, and a propulsive plot with affecting discussions surrounding societal themes such as friendships, relationships, and rectitude. . . . The unyielding and vivid prose enlivens even readers who are new to this genre. “Automatic Stay” is a 5 star novel that swiftly moves along with readers navigating its rapines to the end.”

“With its psychologically involved narrative, wonderful characters and tantalising vibe comes a joy of a tale . . . . [T]his is another intriguing bankruptcy story and a must read for those who enjoy quality legal thrillers.”

“Action-packed and fast-paced . . . . [A]n adrenaline-inducing legal thriller. . . .The mystery stays alive until the very last moment, and I enjoyed how 3J and Pascale had to work their butts off to win their new case. There is depth to the story. Highly recommended! 5 star.”

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“I love a good legal thriller but I've never read one that revolved around bankruptcy lawyers. I mean, come on. What the heck kind of hair-raising reading experience can professionals with their photographs on grocery store carts offer me? Hellloooooo, Mark Shaiken and his—yes, very thrilling—novel Automatic Stay. . . . This is an intriguing story with exceptional casting and, my gosh, if you do not look at another bus station sign and think 3J should be on it, you're absolutely hopeless. Very highly recommended.”

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“Automatic Stay is the second legal thriller I've read by Mark Shaiken that features 3J, the first being Fresh Start. . . . The prose is clean and frequently elegant and the pacing is pitch perfect. I was also struck by the maturation of Shaiken's writing and being able to see an author grow in their work from the start makes me feel like I am a part of their journey. Fresh Start was impressive; Automatic Stay is remarkable.”

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"Automatic Stay" is book 2 in the 3J Mystery series. The first book in this series was so insanely good that I really found myself wanting more! And the author did not fail to deliver! Give this one a shot, you won't regret it."

"The . . . story is captivating, atmospheric, immersive, moody, fast-paced, has a good rhythm, it is balanced, and comes across as extremely entertaining. I would say, just like a perfect jazz song should be. The characters feel real and alive. . . . Jimmy Moreland . . . has the perfect voice for this kind of novel, he reads quietly, but decisively, he acts all the parts, he keeps the action going and the story flowing with enthusiasm and skill."

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